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Upcoming CED/PER-IADR meetings

PER-IADR meeting in Jerusalem, Israel

September 20-22, 2016 (Tuesday - Thursday)



The four European IADR Divisions and the Israeli Division joined into the Pan European Region (PER-IADR) some years ago. The significance of PER-IADR are to:

  • Provide a larger platform (critical mass) for presentation, discussion and dissemination of new scientific information;
  • Improve the cooperation across country borders and across the borderlines of the traditional 5 IADR Divisions;
  • Improve the presence in the science policy field in the European Union in order to bring the topic of Oral Health onto the political Agenda.

Every second year the PER-IADR organizes its annual meeting, which is then the annual meeting of the five Divisions. The last PER-IADR biannual meeting took place in Dubrovnik. Many of you attended that meeting and it was very successful with interesting symposia, up-to-date research presentations and lovely social events. This year, we will have the biannual PER-IADR meeting in Jerusalem, Sept 20 to 22. Needless to say that Jerusalem is one of the most fascinating cities in the world and I would like to invite you to attend the biannual PER-IADR meeting 2016 in these historic surroundings.                                          

Of course, security was a topic that was discussed intensively in preparing for the meeting. However, this topic is – very unfortunately – relevant for many of the traditional meeting sites all over Europe – and the world.  In recent years, a large number of international congresses have successfully been held in Jerusalem.  Also we should stick to our well-established tradition and culture of free, open and friendly communication within our scientific community. Our colleagues from the Israeli Division of IADR are highly engaged and very enthusiastic to organize a fantastic meeting. More information on the program and on important deadlines is provided in this newsletter and please also visit the PER-IADR website(

All information about the Jerusalem meeting can be viewed at the following link .

We will have a large number of international symposia and keynote speakers from all over Europe. You will have the possibility to present your research data to an auditorium of experts, not forgetting networking with colleagues from the whole PER-IADR family, meeting old friends and making new ones. Finally, information on EU funding will be provided.

So, once again: Come to Israel and join us for a fascinating 2016 PER-IADR biannual meeting!

Yours sincerely,


Gottfried Schmalz

President of PER-IADR

CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress

September 2017, 21-23 in Vienna, Austria



For sponsorship opportunities click here.

More info will follow soon...


49th Meeting of the CED-IADR

September 2019 in Madrid, Spain


Congress President:                 David Herrera


More info will follow in due time.

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